Is there a sure cure for hair loss and baldness

There are several types of hair loss. If your hair loss occurs in a certain pattern including; Hair breakage, patches, white spread shedding and rapid hair loss accompanied by itching, redness and skin irritation it is because you have probably started taking a kind of medication. If this is the case, hair will tend to grow back as soon as you complete the medication.

Knowing the actual reason for your hair loss is the beginning of the cure. This starts with the food that you consume to the hair-styles and head-gears that one wears and even inheritance. Having acquired this information, you will start getting the reason of the hair loss.

With that knowledge, you will be able to approach the right sources and it will be easier to diagnose the problem. Once that has been done and you are given a prescription, it is advisable to follow it through before deciding to jump into another prescription or method.

With the extensive research done in hospitals and universities, there is definitely a sure cure for hair loss and baldness.

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