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What are the only two approved hair loss treatments?

Imagine being able to prevent hair loss. Actually, male hair loss has been a major problem affecting men all over the world. You should not allow your hair progressively disappear because you can stop it. It is possible for a hair transplant to successfully replace your lost hair. Notably, the majority of hair treatments that have been used were just “snake oils” However, these oils failed to deliver the procrastinated targets of hair restoration as well as hair loss prevention. Indeed, these products were not FDA approved/recommended by The American Hair Loss Association. But, that is now history due to the production of two products which are FDA approved since they meet the hair loss and hair transplant quality standards.

These two products have renewed many men’s’ hope in dealing with hair loss problems. Hair progression can successfully be stopped with an early intervention with these two clinically proven treatments.

Approved Hair Treatments

To date, the only hair loss, as well as restoration treatments approved by the FDA/ recommended BY The American Hair Loss Association, are Minoxidil and Finasteride (Propecia/Proscar).

• Minoxidil

Originally Minoxidil was used in treating high blood pressure. However, it was noted that one of its side effects was unexpected hair growth in areas like the back of the hand, cheek as well as on the forehead. A research was conducted and Minoxidil was found to successfully induce hair growth in desired areas.

Minoxidil was the initial drug to be approved for men baldness treatment. Actually, it is recommended for patients who haven’t had success with Finasteride.

• Finasteride (Propecia/Proscar)

It is a product of Merck Company (a pharmaceutical company). Finasteride was initially approved by FDA for enlarged prostate glands treatment. However, some patients identified unexpected hair growth side effects with the application of this drug. Due to hair growth induction by Finasteride, Merck decided to produce the drug as a treatment for Male pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia). FDA approved the drug in 1997.

Lowering of levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the only way to prevent as well as stop hair loss. During a clinical trial, the drug was found to be effective in stopping hair loss in 86% of subjects. In fact, a daily dose of 1mg of Finasteride lowers DHT levels by up to 60%.

There you have it, the only two approved hair loss treatments. They are very effective for replacing hair loss trough hair transplant.

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